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The Umbridge Way

Interview with Titus Makin Jr

You’ve known Darren Criss from his very beginning on Glee: Back when nobody knew who he was. Now that he’s this huge star, has he changed at all? Is there anything different?
No. As far as personality-wise, he is completely the same. And anybody that says anything different does not know Darren at all. Because of Darren and Ryan, we’ve stayed in the loop. Darren is always bringing us up to Ryan. [… saying] We need to use them more. And […] they kept bringing us back! He’s definitely looking out for everybody, and he’s just as sweet and humble as Grant — plus more.

What’s something that fans wouldn’t know about him? What would surprise them?
That’s a hard question, because he’s a pretty open guy. He definitely lays it all out there for his fans. I will say this: as far as tour is concerned, we discovered that he is a great rapper. That came out of nowhere. We were just hanging out, jammin’ on the bus, with a guitar. I started rapping, and he — followed up, and kind of beat me at it! So he’s a great rapper.

Like freestyle?
Freestyle, yeah. Just playing something random on the guitar and we just — went for it. 

Out of everyone on set, who would you say you are closest to?
There’s almost two different crowds. If I was with my Warbler family, I would definitely say Curt Mega and Riker Lynchare definitely two of my closest friends. Outside of that? Over tour, I kind of sparked a friendship with Chord Overstreet [Sam]. […] So either Darren or Chord, outside of the Warblers.

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